Fotograf Paolo Del Freo

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Fotograf Paolo Del Freo

Fotograf Paolo Del Freo


Fotostudio Paolo Del Freo


Erstellung einer Website für einen Fotografen. Ziel war es eine suchmaschinenoptimierte Webpräsenz zu erstellen, die neue Kundenkontakte bringen sollte. Auch sollte eine umfangreiche Bildergallerie implementiert werden.


Beratung, Webdesign, umfangreiche Suchmaschinenoptimierung, umfangreiche Programmierung mit CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript.


Fotogallerie, Content-Management Modul, News Modul


When it comes to push hard your business, today there is a solution only: Internet. Forget paper, advertising or promoting in some other way. They are not cost-effective, since you spend a lot of money for really poor results.
The history of my Company is really simple: before I met Hauda staff at WEB1PLUS in Germany, I had bad results compared to competition and commercial side of my business was not so nice, even over the Internet.
After Mr. Hauda at WEB1PLUS completely re-build my site with heavy Search Engine Optimization, my business took off and made a big jump. It's incredible: from idle times of the past to rush email and phone calls each day that doesn't allow me to rest down. The contacts come from both local and global places: Italy, Europe and sometimes other countries. WEB1PLUS made a really clever and intelligent work pinpointing out the specs of my job and putting me directly in contact with the ones who need me! What I like more, it's the way by which WEB1PLUS staff keeps and mantain my site; They keep an eye on search results and statistics and keep my site flying around with an endless fine-tuning!
Grazie di cuore,
Paolo Del Freo
WEB1PLUS Internetservice
Meierhofstraße 47
75382 Althengstett
(bei Calw nahe Stuttgart)
0 70 51 - 96 55 247
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